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Admiral by Alsco's commitments are clearly stated in our theme displayed on banners and signs posted throughout our plants.


Safety is always first! The commitment from senior management up to our front-line team members form the foundation upon which our Safety Program is built. The primary goal is to eliminate accidents and prevent personal injury by maintaining compliance with safety standards.

Education and training of our team members is an essential element in providing a safe workplace. Compliance to safety rules and policies is considered a condition of employment. Our proactive approach to maintaining our team members safety is as follows:

New Hire Orientation

  • All new team members receive training on basic OSHA safety topics
  • Safety equipment is issued according to job function, including guidelines for wearing and replacing of such equipment
  • Fleet Orientation is provided to Route Service personnel.

On-the-job Training

  • Hands-on training at the job site
  • Job specific training based on applicable OSHA standards

Classroom Training

  • Yearly OSHA required training is done in a classroom environment where participation of the team members is encouraged

Safety Equipment

  • Safety equipment is provided to all team members based on their job function and OSHA requirements

Safety Guidelines and Standards

  • Company and OSHA safety policies and procedures are provided to the team members at the beginning of their employment with Admiral by Alsco and are reviewed periodically thereafter

Safety Meetings

  • Safety meetings are held in a classroom environment or work place depending on the topic(s) to be covered. Tool Box meetings held at the work place provide for a "show and tell" learning environment

Plant Audits

  • Safety audits are performed by an outside source and provide opportunities for improvements in Safety. The Safety Quality Coach program assists in daily safety audits to help management's efforts on maintaining a safe work place

Incident/Accident Reporting

  • Prompt reporting is encouraged. This provides us the opportunity to investigate and identity the root cause. Our team members participate in this fact-finding endeavor and assist with the implementation of safety policies and procedures

Reporting of Ideas/Concerns

  • Our OFI Program, Opportunity for Improvement, provides our team members with an unobstructed direct line of communication to report safety concerns, problems and/or suggestions. The OFI program is employee-driven and enhances the proactive approach to Safety

Continuous Improvement measurements provide guidance toward maintaining the quality of product our customers have come to know. It is what sets us apart in an industry of many. Quality audits are performed daily and provide the necessary feedback for improvements and help prevent complacency. Our Safety Quality Coach program generates feedback by inspecting not just the finished product but also the processes in place to ensure consistent quality. Our Inspector Trainers add to the Quality of product by maintaining team member focus through daily coaching and counseling.

Production rises as Safety and Quality excel. Customer expectations are met as a result. Pride in the work produced in turn fuels our focus to keep Safety First.

As Admiral by Alsco grows, the challenge is to keep focused on safety and letting our team members drive the effort through participation, ongoing training and pride in a job well done.

Admiral by Alsco is also proud to be and is an active member of SafeTRSA and participates in providing information that will help in the establishment of improved management and safety practices that will lead to the elimination of occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the industry.

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