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Industrial Garments

Renting professional garments and work uniforms for your employees is a great decision. Admiral offers full rental options along with a lease program. Our preferred vendor is Red Kap Industries, manufacturers of work uniforms and career apparel since 1923. Since we purchase garments from a single vendor, your employees and company always get a consistent look, fit and garment life.

Program Benefits:

  • No up front investment on your part
  • Your company presents a clean, professional image to the public
  • A great employee benefit

Available Styles:

  • Perma Press
  • Cotton
  • Executive and Career
  • Nomex and FR Cotton
  • Dealership Apparel
  • Blue Jeans and Denim
  • Pleated Pants and Shorts
  • Jackets

Program Options:

  • Rental – Most industrial uniform customers are served once a week by our professional Route Service Representatives. After your garments are coded and identified to your account (down to the individual wearer), we deliver clean garments and pick up the soiled garments each week. Once the soiled garments are delivered back to our plant, they are laundered and finished, then inspected for any needed repairs or upgrades. The next week, your clean garments are delivered back to you.
  • Lease – A lease program works much the same as rental, except that your employees maintain their own garments. We supply you with the number of garments you need, and continue to come by weekly to check for any garments that need repair or upgrade.
  • Direct Purchase – We offer any garment for purchase from our network of manufacturers and distributors. Talk to your Admiral representative about the option of having your garments processed in our plant (Customer Owned Goods cleaning).

Shop Towels
Admiral offers three colors of 18" 100% cotton shop towels, suitable for a variety of uses: Orange – used mainly for industrial uses such as auto and transmission repair, equipment maintenance, oil change facilities, etc. Red – designated for use in machine shops or for any customer who might have contact with metal shavings. White – used primarily for any job where you need a cleaning towel: glass shops, auto detailing, car dealerships, etc.

Our service includes everything you need to run a clean facility – including paper products for your restroom, hand sanitizers and soap, and towels for any area. These products are available as needed or as part of your regular weekly delivery. Can be sold individually or by the case.

Center Pull Paper Towels - These soft, facial-quality bleached towels absorb six times their own weight in liquid. The center-pull towels are completely biodegradable (unlike multi-fold towels). Towel size: 9" x 660' per roll, 6 rolls per case.

Restroom Tissue – Each 2-ply roll contains 1,000 sheets. With 2 rolls per dispenser, refills become a simple task! Replacement tissue is sold by the case or individual roll. 12 rolls per case.

Hand Soap - This mild and effective hand cleaner contains the germicide PCMX. It's registered with the EPA and it's FDA approved. The 1000 ml container provides over 2000 pumps per cartridge. The soap is biodegradable and has a floral scent. 12 1000 ml. bottles per case.

Hand Sanitizer - Our sanitizer is a one-step foaming sanitizer that kills 99.9% of the common germs that cause most of the everyday illnesses that are responsible for lost time and production. It's waterless, FDA approved and alcohol free. 12 1000 ml. bottles per case.

Handmaster Pumicized Soap - Don't let the pleasant citrus scent fool you! The Handmaster is a pumicized soap designed for industrial hand cleaning. Just rinse with water or wipe off with clean towels.

It's also the easiest soap dispenser available. Just load the soap and the dispenser's serrated opening automatically punctures the container's seal. The measured plunger means you get enough soap with every push to do the job!

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