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Going Green

Admiral Linen & Uniform Service by Alsco is committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and through the use of reusable textiles, reducing our customers' impact. Every product Admiral by Alsco offers is inherently environmentally friendly. All our rental products are quality textiles and can be laundered and reused numerous times.

Admiral by Alsco's computerized routing system ensures all routes are designed for environmental efficiency with regards to fuel consumption, driving distances and service times.

Admiral by Alsco maintains its fleet of trucks in-house, which gives us the ability to quickly repair or remove any truck that does not meet our stringent safety and environmental requirements.

We set up deliveries so that "like" customers are handled out of one plant if possible, and also that emergency 'hot shot' services can be handled quickly and efficiently – either by another route in the same area, or by smaller van that can take several deliveries at once.

We constantly monitor our production equipment to ensure all machines are operating at maximum efficiency.

Admiral by Alsco utilizes stack economizers in every plant. These devices use heat from hot boiler gases to preheat water, providing over 90% energy efficiency.

Admiral Linen & Uniform Service by Alsco processing plants have received awards from the City of Houston Water Department and from the City of Fort Worth Water Department. These awards are given for outstanding achievement in meeting stringent city requirements for wastewater pre-treatment.

Admiral by Alsco utilizes energy efficient lighting in our plants.

Consultants, working with our plant personnel, design each Admiral by Alsco wash formula. These formulas are designed specifically for the equipment in each plant, and monitored daily by our Washroom consultant and Admiral by Alsco Washroom Manager. Our wash formulas have allowed us to reduce our water use, as well as our natural gas and electricity use.

Green Tips:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called for the reduction of disposable products and the increased use of reusable items. Admiral Linen & Uniform Service by Alsco can provide your business with a number of solutions that will help reduce your solid waste burden, including:

  • Cloth napkins instead of paper
  • Cloth towels instead of paper
  • Heavy-duty aprons designed for kitchen use instead of paper or plastic aprons
  • Reusable clean-up rags that can be laundered over and over in place of paper towels or 'throw away' rags
  • Commercial-quality dust and wet mops instead of flimsy one-time use disposable mops

Admiral by Alsco is a member of LaundryESP (Environmental Stewardship Program), the textile rental industry's voluntary environmental program. LaundryESP has been recognized by the EPA for its success in significantly improving the environmental performance of its 170 members, encompassing more than 750 processing plants.

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